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MACK Truck Polo Shirt | Embroidered Logo | Black Blue White Red | Short Sleeve | Mens Clothing | Slim T Shirt | Accessories

25,90 € each

MACK Truck Polo Shirt with Top Quality of Embroidered Logo

  • Short Sleeve
  • Size: Slim
  • Men's Clothing
  • Perfect gift for fans and owners
  • Suitable for sports and daily life, does not leave wet sweat stains for a long time, t shirt does not “stick” to the body
  • Made from polyester*


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*Polyester is durable, this fabric does not need to be ironed, dries very quickly, keeps color well, does not need special care. 
Polyester is often used by famous companies in the production of sportswear, where it is almost indispensable.

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